Hello! I’m Tomas, a programmer and a tech enthusiast based in Prague. Although I’m Czech, my last name means “fish” in Finnish.

I work in backend development, usually related to computer networks and security in some way. I have experience in implementing network traffic parsers and in writing scalable systems. Before that, I used to do statistics and machine learning, but that feels like a different life now.

In general, I dislike bloated, monolithic software, preferring instead smaller services that each do one thing well, and are well orchestrated together. More often than not, my work involves transforming the former into the latter.

This website is my space to share ideas, whether anyone reads them or not. You’ll find here posts about gadgets that I’ve been playing with, interesting ideas that I found in books somebody smarter than me wrote, and tutorials I wrote for myself to not forget later.

In my free time, I enjoy hoarding (and sometimes also reading) science fiction books, attending metal concerts, and looking at cats. I’m a huge coffee and hummus fan spending a bit too much on both. Lately, I’ve picked up learning Finnish; let’s see how long I last.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me via my public email or LinkedIn.