I’m Tomas. I have experience in programming (Python, Scala, Haskell, Nix, shell scripting), Linux system administration, computer networking, and statistical machine learning.

I did a PhD in statistics for a while, but I quit. I realized that there are much easier ways to ruin my mental health, so I now do infrastructure work instead.

Although I’m Czech, my last name means “fish” in Finnish.


I love hoarding books at a faster pace than I’m able to read them; typically science fiction or magical realism. I also like metal music, gaming and cats. I’m a big hummus and coffee enthusiast, and am willing to spend absurd amounts of money on those. Finally, I enjoy seeing overhyped “AI” technologies fail spectacularly.

Software preferences

In general, I dislike software that attempts to be smarter than its user. Such efforts fail more often than not, get in the way, and feel somewhat insulting. Instead, I prefer simple programs that do one thing well and are friendly to system resources. Sadly, this isn’t always possible, for instance with web browsers or mobile phones.

I browse the web using Firefox, behind a wall of uBlock Origin, Sponsorblock and my Pi-hole instance.

My favorite text editor is vim. I use it in combination with tmux and a window manager: i3 or sway. After more than 8 years of using vim, I can confidently say that I don’t know almost anything about it.

My preferred programming languages are C, Go and Lua. I don’t use any of them at my day job, but I typically develop my hobby projects in one of these.

I run Arch Linux on my laptop and desktop computers (even for gaming, thanks to Valve’s recent efforts to support Linux gaming), and NixOS on my server and Raspberry Pis. My mobile phone runs GrapheneOS.


You can contact me using my public email.