Welcome to my website. This is its “initial commit”.

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a simple site where I could document my hobby projects and other interesting bits of technology that I come across. Emphasis on the simple. There is no JavaScript or tracking involved: I have no way of telling whether anyone actually reads this, and I don’t care.

Update 2023-10-16: I have since switched the website to Hugo, so this post no longer reflects the state of the website. I’ll leave it up to document what it looked like in the past.

The entire system of building this site is also as simple as I could make it.

I write my posts in markdown. They are converted to HTML using pandoc. The index is generated using a simple shell script, before being converted to HTML as well. Finally, the entire website is rsync’d to my server and presented to you using nginx. This whole affair is controlled through a trivial Makefile.

After writing a new post, the whole process is as simple as

$ cd ~/website
$ make
$ make sync

Since I have exactly zero experience in web design, I use a modified version of susam’s spcss for the stylesheet. It is remarkably simple, looks nice, and supports both light and dark themes.